Media Impact Africa (MIA) is a spiraling media establishment registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). MIA is designed to offer reliable professional services to individuals, businesses, private and public organizations. It is a platform set up to effect positive change and development in Africa, through media, rising from our current location.

We are established to create, package and execute ideas and sustainable developmental objectives that impacts the society positively. We are committed to providing sterling services, exceptional solutions, strategic revolutionary approaches and exquisite results in the four core areas of our focus; Multimedia, Events, Entertainment and Development (MEED).

Our team are constantly studying social behavioral patterns of the society and dynamics of the market we operate in, we always can predict what best suits our clients’ needs and address them with unwavering accuracy and vigor.

With a parade of acclaimed professionals with specialized skills and experience in different aspects of Multimedia, Communication, Arts, ICT, Designs, and Public Relation etc., MIA is poised to provide an indelible brand to our clients and at the same time lead developmental drive in Africa through media.

Our Mission

We are set up to create events, proffer solutions and multimedia services of global standard, easily accessible to people, as a key to facilitating sustainable development in Africa through strategic engagement with the continent’s pragmatic young people and key stakeholders.

Our Objectives

Among other things, our objectives includes;

  • Providing affordable solutions and services that easily meets and exceeds the demand of individuals and organizations as it relates to anything Multimedia, Events, Entertainment and Development, MEED.

  • To fast-track change and sustainable development in Africa through media as well as actions that yields ripple effects

  • Using multimedia approach and social events to cultivate new philosophy and ideas in individuals, mostly youths, which would become an acceptable way of life, and eradicate crude thoughts and norms that amount to social vices in the society today

  • To accelerate awareness and re-orientate individuals through Radio/TV programmes and events.

  • To Uncover and harness young potentials and redirect them to resourcefulness that impacts on the society and provides end means to individuals

  • Implying creative thinking in devising means that best solves the problem of individuals, organizations and society to achieve a desired change.

  • Offering impeccable consultancy services to both individuals and organizations towards achieving their ultimate goal.

Our Core Values

We live and breathe IMPACT;

  • I – Integrity: We say what we mean, and do what we say

  • M – Meritocracy: We reward excellence, so we always give the best.

  • P – Passion: We love what we do, so we go the extra miles for you.

  • A – Accountability: We are liable for our actions, so we account for it.

  • C – Creativity: We believe in being pioneers and creating uniqueness.

  • T – Teamwork: We trust we can go faster when we work together, actively supporting, encouraging and challenging one another to pursue real excellence.

Our Procedure

Our tool is straight and simple, always producing the best results. Six steps we take that never fail:

  • We Research your needs and objectives

  • We Design a suitable solution

  • We Deliver in a time-effective and cost-effective manner

  • We Monitor the progress of events

  • We Evaluate the impact of projects and services

  • We Sustain the transformation.


Media Impact Africa (MIA) consists of highly proficient, creative, qualified and often selfless professionals who delivers classic services ranging from Multimedia, ICT, Arts, Designs, Humanitarianism, Public Relations and Management. One of our precious virtues is Passion, and we love to brandish it in whatever we do. So is it your planned script you want us to deliver? Fine. Should we script and act? Our pleasure.