Because we are broad and versatile at MIA, there are endless opportunities. So if you’ve got a nifty craft, your resumes are welcomed to Due to the far-reaching areas we cover and the expansive services we offer, there is every need to constantly augment our workforce. Graphic designers, Cinematographers, Photographers, Business Development Executives and Marketers are very resourceful to us.

Our expectations in an employee include but not limited to:

  • Creativity that drives uniqueness and brings revolution to hoary methods
  • Reliability that keeps you action-ready, strictly adhering to deadlines.
  • Passion for the job and pride in your abilities
  • Team-playing spirit to effectively engage others towards achieving targets
  • Dedication to assignments and paying attention to details

When it comes to human resources and productivity, we believe in capacity building, encouragement, team support, meritocracy and workers welfare, as these are precisely necessary for attaining great results.