Excellent result and innovation are the major factors that lies at the heart of our business model. It molds and guides our approach to how we conduct our business to meet every target. A satisfactory job is the outcome of good planning and execution.

We don’t start what we cannot finish and finish well because we believe it is not about quantity but quality that speaks in your absence. It is not about myriads of project portfolios but about how many happy clients.

Hence, there are fundamental processes that we cannot overlook.

Market and Consumer Insight

We don’t just dabble into projects without first conducting a detailed survey of the target market and potential consumers of the product and services we intend to roll out. We meticulously study contemporary trends and demands, we draw a logical conclusion of who our clients’ consumers are, where they are, what exactly is their need and the best approach that would work. From conception to development, planning and execution, we constantly bear three things in mind – the purpose, our market, our clients’ consumers to ensure that nothing veers out of context. And hey, we do not roll over the carpet after a successful outing, we take time again to reflect and discover what worked well and what did not, and take them into cognizance next time for a better upshot.

Goal-Oriented Staff

Nothing gives greater satisfaction than working with a crew who bears the goal of your organization and clients at the heart of everything they do. These are the type of staff in our employ. We don’t try to save cost and ruin the job. We catch the vision and we actualize the goal.Our team constantly undergo further trainings to build and increase their capability which for us, is key the to developing and maintaining the competitive-advantage of our firm. We also engage the services of external consultants to provide excellent services to our diverse clients if needed.


Relying on a single source of idea and knowledge is not our style. We believe that team work does it better and faster. Coming together to explore different concepts and strategies puts the best option before us. It helps us keep our concepts and tools simple and effective with much still at our disposal for backup or support


We make use of modern cultures and also build on subsisting ones. We find out what has worked in the past, what failed and how improvements can be made to yield better turnover. This is even as we continuously strive to create and maintain uniqueness


Because we know that nobody has it all, we collaborate with notable organizations, bodies and stakeholders to drive change that is good for our client, good for society and good for business. These includes NGOs, Media outfits, Government agencies, Donor agencies/foundations, and Companies etc., who identify with our core objectives, or can provide the required platform.

Modern Technology and Facilities

Media Impact Africa (MIA) boasts of modern tools and equipment manned by efficient personnel that are capable of delivering desired result that meets (and normally surpass) the expectations of our clients.