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Part of our drive is to recruit, discover, harness and refine latent talents and nurture them to stardom. We understand that much amazing talents lurks around somewhere but would not see the light of day either because they were denied opportunities or none ever existed for them. At MIA, we believe that only equal opportunity can determine the level of creativity and unequivocally grade the performance of individuals. Therefore we invite submissions from both established and aspiring Models, Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Dancers, DJs and MCs etc. to the umbrella of MIA.

Your talent should be able to earn you a living because God rightly put it there, not for waste. Part of our motive is to recruit and redirect your skills to resourcefulness. We have experts in each field whose jobs doesn’t end until we have achieved our ultimate goal which is leading you to outstanding breakthrough.

In Modelling we direct your steps to stardom. Let’s get you started. This is where talents are discovered, groomed and made. In summary, modeling starts here. That we do a lot means we know a lot, and that includes exposing you to all the rudiments of the industry. Being slim, tall or beautiful does not make you a model, knowing what to do with those features do. So whether you are pursuing or want to pursue a career as a professional Commercial Model, Runway, Facial, Fashion, Fitness, Promotional, Petite etc., this is the agency you need. Our courses and trainings that prepares you for difference include Health & Fitness, Dating with Dignitaries, Posture, Deportment & Carriage, Practical Make-up, Social and Business Etiquette, Communication Skills, Fashion and Wardrobe, Presentation and so much more. You get well equipped with tips, dos and don’ts of the game as well. Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced model who needs assistance with career management, contract negotiations, building your portfolio and other professional modeling services, MIA can help! Get on board now, join Impact Models and walk your way to fulfilment. We build your online and offline portfolios and source befitting assignments for you because we know what suits your looks. Ushers are welcomed in this category as well. REGISTER WITH US HERE.

About Acting, though everybody is a born actor, we help refine your abilities. At the moment, MIA does not operate a Film institute but we offer trainings that teaches you all you should know from the script to screen and more. We see that thing in you and groom it to excellence. Our trainees are eligible to feature in all our productions, a way of availing them opportunity to meet industry heavyweights and build their confidence. You could be the next screen god or goddess tomorrow, enroll with us for your preparations.

Talking Dance, this is one craft that is usually neglected in this part of the world. Dancing is a very special skill and dancers should be made to feel important. Some areas of entertainment are not complete except dance is used to make illustrative interpretations. Therefore, dancers deserves some respect. We want to bring decorum to this art, which is why we house different forms of dancers and source assignments for them. You can register as an individual dancer or crew.

We also welcome and nurture individuals with passion for Writing or Scripting. We teach you standard technicalities and formats involved in producing a good literary piece. Writers are custodians of knowledge as well as prescribers of humor and happiness. We teach you Semantics, Syntax, Story Construction and Development, Character Development, Plotting and Setting, Writing Series etc. Writers are born but good writers are made. Let’s make you. Individuals and firms can also contact us should you need the service of our professional writers.

Aspiring Presenters and Hosts also has an opportunity to learn a lot from us. Not only do we teach you all the practicality of presentation, we also provide you opportunities to excel. Our presenters can anchor some of our developmental programmes and events.

Registering with us places the artiste under the prospects of MIA where you will receive Trainings, Mentorship, Roles, Assignments and Payments as reached in an Artiste Release document or T&C.

Music artistes please know that this does not make you an official signee of MIA until such a time when you must have proven your worth and an official contractual agreement is entered. The spotlight awaits you. Models and Ushers register here or contact support for assistance. Other artistes please contact support or call +234(0)811 666 9154.