Part of our mission is to use media as a key to facilitating sustainable development in Africa through strategic engagement with the continent’s pragmatic young people and key stakeholders. This aspect of our enterprise which is basically a non-profit initiative we intend to use and drive change processes that will have a ripple effect across Africa. We want to create an independent continent that can handle her own affairs and take pride in her own uniqueness.

We want a land of equal opportunities and accessibility to basic necessities of life. Where shared happiness, love and peace abound. Where we can tell our own stories the way it is and project our good sides, unsung achievements, rich diversifications and heritage. Our focus on this journey include but not limited to;

Capacity Building & Development

For us to progress as a community, nation and continent, we need a generation of vibrant individuals who has vision, skills and good leadership traits. We need creative and critical thinkers who can solve the problems of the society. Most of our youths today are incapacitated and unproductive, yet bears passions that can be termed and channelled to productivity.

Some are unemployable like we hear severally, not because they lack skills rather they lack tenacity, direction, ethics and attitude. Just how prepared are our leaders of tomorrow and even those leading today? We seek to use this medium and build fellows that has functional brains to advance causes.

We organize seminars and interactive events that facilitates Personal Capacity Development, Idea Generation, Leadership Development and Growth etc. Some people must get serious today in order lead tomorrow, some other people must have to redirect their energy now. We cannot continue to overlook the future generation and expect a peaceful and progressive society tomorrow.

Climate Change

The climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. The alarm bells keep ringing. No nation is immune. Worldwide, this summer was the hottest ever recorded, with global carbon emissions still on the rise. We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about itBarrack Obama (Former US President).

Our world is fast becoming too hot and uninhabitable because of greenhouse gas emissions, most of which is caused by the behaviors and activities of man. The change in rainfall patterns is beginning to affect agriculture and alter many other processes of development. Alongside other diseases, Scientists have noted that malaria is already spreading to higher elevations in Africa — in part due to climate change. Rising sea levels, Burning Fossil Fuels, Shifts in Ecosystems, Floodingand Drought from climate change will alter the land available for human habitat and development. This has become a major global concern that demands our urgent attention so as to rescue the future generation and indeed ourselves. MIA seeks to raise awareness that contributes to reducing the rate of the earth’s pollution by man. We strive to teach our people about Renewable Energy and Forest Preservation and promote innovative, scalable solutions to climate change.

Awareness Seminars & Training

Issues like the process of electing and selecting our leaders is one thing that people still gamble with today. When politicians offer you incentives to buy your vote, you have succeeded in not just selling your vote alone but your future. Africa needs electoral awareness but that’s not all. We carry any form of awareness to clusters, rural and urban communities either as a developmental drive or as the need arises.

Some unprofitable cultures and traditions still exist that would not allow development thrive in some communities. Equal and basic education, gender equity and equality, health information etc., are still being truncated in some places. We try to inform ourselves and our people in order to facilitate sustainable development across our communities.

Surveys, Evaluation & Assessment

When our governments works for us, we want to be sure it is a necessity or they had only worked for themselves. We carry out surveys, evaluation and impact assessments to ascertain the consequence of a project and decision of authorities.

So many communities and areas of the society has pressing needs or issues no one know exists, we work to unravel and bring such situations to focus. Reports of our findings are conveyed to our contractors, released on the media or communicated to relevant authorities (if on self-expedition), to spur necessary actions. We also encourage members of the society to open up, own up projects in their areas and voice their satisfaction and dissatisfaction through any available means (may including contacting us) so as to enhance development around us.

Social Empowerment

If we all depend on our governments for employment and provision of our needs, we can only remain most unfortunately pitiable. Not only is this overly projected, it is obviously impossible. The damages it will bring will even be so catastrophic there will be nobody to provide the goods and services that meets our essential demands. The collar of your shirt must not be white. It could also be black or green-collar jobs, choose your color, what is important is you are resourcefully employed. Our determination is to direct energies to ingenuity and take people off the street as much as we can through empowerment programmes. We work to collaborate with individuals, relevant agencies and governments to achieve this.

Social Development Contents

Media moves the society today, it is in almost everything we do. What people see and hear molds their understanding and appreciation of the society. To this effect, the media (through constructive approach), becomes our major vehicle to drive home the quest for a new Africa. Therefore, we employ the wave of the Social Media, Movies, and Magazines, Radio/TV contents to reach our targets and influence positive change and development in Africa. We produce media contents that addresses a particular issue in the society with the mind of gradually stirring social behavioral change and sustainable pattern.

Accountability & Transparency

Our backwardness as a people includes the refusal of some of our leaders to be open and fair. We want to engender open government where the leader understands that his position is that of a steward and not a lord unaccountable to anyone. We work to increase civic engagement and help citizens understand their civic responsibilities. This will go a long way to encourage transparency and accountability in government dealings, thus bringing real dividends to the people. Until such a time our leaders begin to understand that public offices and governance is not their personal affairs, our progress as a continent remains threatened. It is the job of the masses to hold them accountable.

Community/Social Projects

No matter how small, doing something for others is one rewarding venture in life. Some group of the societies seems to be secluded from existence. There are people who are faded that only your little act of kindness can rekindle their hope. Many communities exists like it is a 10th planet, no shape; lacking access to basic necessities of life. These class of people are our brothers and sisters whether you judge it with the biblical account of creation or by the theories of evolution. We are all related. If so, we have to extend love to them. MIA seeks an improved welfare of poor communities and individuals, the less privileged members of the society, motherless babies, old people etc., through different levels of assistance and interventions. It is not a social responsibility, it is a cause we believe in. You too can become a part of someone’s story today.

Government/Civic Engagement

We help bring the government closer to the people. Most politicians’ appearances to their wards are always during electioneering campaign periods, after which they ride in tinted glasses and never reachable. A government functionary is a representative of the people and should be accessible to those he represents. We help foster relationship with the elected and the masses and find how to actively engage them for speedy development of our communities. If such engagements can be established, replicated and sustained across our various communities, there will be effective representation at all levels and indeed inclusive development.