Artiste Management

Having an incredible talent is not enough. A good manager will play a vital part in your success. In your career, you need to take chances, but not when it comes to proper representation. You need to be represented correctly to make valuable connections in your career, and that’s not something to gamble on. At MIA, we understand the show and the business.

We help develop you, brand you and sell your talent to the world. With a broad knowledge of the industry, our elite personnel works with you to create a marketing plan to further your career and keep you on track and in the loop. Whether you are a Music, Movie or Comedy artiste, don’t just sign up with the wrong guys. This is business. The gift of a man maketh a way for him (if well managed).

Do you really need a manager? Contact us via support@mediaimpactafrica.com


Impact Models are thorough breeds. Our models are well trained to deliver any assignment and effectively advance your cause and purpose. We have professional and experienced models who will project exactly the right image that you are seeking: and they are chosen specifically for the type of job. That we offer a great selection of professional model talent; makes us the choice of discerning businesses.

Whether it is for Billboards, Products Launch, TV Commercials, Magazines, Catalogs, Sales Promotion, Calendars, Editorials, Fashion etc., Impact Modelling Agency has an excellent choice of models, who will look great and complement your purpose. Our stunning models will draw all the attention and glamour you want to your business: and enhancing your corporate branding at the same time. Let us have your brief and we will respond or contact us for bookings.

Promotion Services

We have built a connection and influence that can be leveraged to make your craft go wild. It only has to be of good quality in the first place - audio or video. We ensure you get to the right channels which includes DJs, Publicists, Media Brands, Radio Stations, Television Stations, Online and Print Publications, and anything else that can bring artists a step closer to their goals. Again, we know how these things work around here and with all the necessary requirements in place, you can trust your breakthrough on us.


We have arrays of talents you will be needing their services. Whenever you need fluent presenters with good diction, actors that brings your script to live, dancers that can draw illustrative interpretations of your videos or socio-cultural events, or writers that paints good pictures with words, MIA house of creativity is one house you should step into. We have talents who has principles and discipline.

Movie Production

We know the art of film making. We make movies that tell the African story. We want a movie that will stir Change and leave a lasting impression while still entertaining people. Our productions are the ones aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience. Good and bad behaviors can be inspired by the movies we see. We can communicate a lot with visuals which is why it is one of our transformation tools. It was Banksy who said, “Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it”.

The story is the movie and we know of stories that don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning and we hate that. So whether you want to run a project with us or just have an ideology you want to preach through motion picture, we can narrate your philosophy from Story Development to a quality Movie Script, Planning and Budgeting, Casting, Cinematography, Directing, and in fact every pre-production and post production logistics. We also invite external expertise when and where necessary to deliver a blockbuster.