When we handle your event, we make sure you retain the enthralling memory for a very long time. Your event should be well pleasing to the eyes, soothing to the body and satisfactory to your soul. Whichever area you let us handle, we give you a good run for your bidding. Our team provides a full-service events experience that includes:

Events & Logistics Management

Event planning requires foresight; follow through and attention to details. You need to see the big picture as well as the tiniest of details. At MIA, it is our pleasure to give you blissful moments that lingers. Impact Events will manage your event from conception to flawless execution, taking cognizance of your caliber of guests and every logistic requirement.

Knowing the type of event, required promotion, accommodation and transport, appropriate venue, available parking space, interior and exterior designs necessary, branding, level of security needed, indoor or outdoor organization and orderly arrangements, seemly stage, Lights, PAS, AV requirements, presentation facilities etc., we draw and execute a seamless show you wouldn’t like to end. Of course good entertainment, food and drinks are some of our chief interests, don’t think we are missing that vital aspect. We collaborate with reliable sub-contractors and vendors to deliver a remarkable ceremony and post-event evaluation. Laser sharp focus, unparalleled professionalism and exceptional service means you can trust that your event is in capable hands.

Corporate Ushering

Ushering is more than just showing guests to their seats. You need ushers that can manage every logistics and operations courteously and efficiently. We are talking about professional and well cultured attendants to coordinate procedures at your corporate gatherings.

Because we know that events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and spark change, we treat it more than just a mere gathering but something that can be leveraged to support your future. Our ushers are trained to pay attention to details, delivering typical services in VIP Guest Relations and Management, Registration Management, Meet and Greet, Facility and Guest support etc. Our models understands courtesy and wields good communication power. Be it Government Function, Conference, Product Launch, Seminars, we are in the business of adding value to your event.

Planning & Budgeting

From sculpturing a concept that would later become a gigantic show, we conceive the best outlook for every occasion and plan around it. Gathering price tags of materials and resources and sticking them together to form a comprehensive budget can be tiresome and time-consuming for you. Whether you have a constricted fund or you just need a detailed financial plan that can cover a given event, we can deploy our event connoisseurs to ascertain your needs and draft a cost-effective plan or budget that will work for you.

Bookings (Facility and hotel liaison service)

We undertake all your rental and hospitality necessities. Our team hits the ground beforehand to survey and obtain the basic facilities that will make your event a success. Not only do we prepare grounds and ensure everything is readily available and in the right place and time, we help you bid a creditable offer. We take charge of your guests’ Transportation Logics, In-town Mobility, Hotel Accommodations, Security, Excursions etc. When you hand the welfare of your clients to us, we treat them to an unforgettable hospitality right from their homes and back to their homes.

Videography & Photography

We can document and tell your story in a brilliant pictorial and visual forms. We can invoke past illustrious memories and set them alive before your eyes. We capture those phenomenal moments of your life and keep it glowing over time. With our fashionable studios, equipment and inventive professionals, we know how to write your story not with pen, but with lenses. So when you need a dashing Photobook, Albums, Portraits, Corporate/Professional Headshots or Video Documentary, Indoor or Outdoor Coverage of any kind and purpose, let us be your creative eyes

Hosting Services (MC/DJ)

Depending on the type and class of your event, we have amazing talents and figures that can coordinate the progression confidently. Our in-house comperes ranges from reputable Radio Presenters to Public Speakers, Orators, and Comedians who paints picture with words just because they have that power. When someone talks for a living, you can qualify the person as a career talker after all. So whether it is the Humor, Creativity, Dexterity or Articulation you look for, our artistes can handle you social or corporate event to taste. We also provide clear sound system and Video/Disc Jockeys who knows their onion.


Fully aware that the environment speaks volume about the event itself, we prioritize concepts by finding out what to decorate, why we have to and how we must make it stylish to the eyes. Bringing glitz and glamor to your occasion is one thing you can also applaud us for. Our team of decorators are pros who understands pigmentation and material combination, what is fit, how best to position it and make your event rich regardless the size, scope and budget.