When it comes to giving breathing interpretation and explicit representation of your ideas, we arrogate ourselves the effective collage makers. We employ the wave of both traditional and new media to deliver a satiable project that satisfies both the eyes, ears and soul. Our spectrum, among other things covers:

TV/Radio Programme Design & Production

We know Social Behavioral Change Communication, SBCC. We understand the process of making people accept new knowledge that will eventually stir Change, and lead to a sustainable practice of a new culture. Therefore, whether it is developmental change communication programme or account of stewardship, activity updates or just contents for your channel, we can effectively design and produce it in a Magazine, Talk, Drama, Discussion or any format that promises maximum impact.

Branding & Packaging

Let’s fix your public image because it represents and speaks for you even in your absence. Building a consistent identity for yourself and your business is key to attracting and retaining loyal customers. Your brand is your reputation and you have to be committed to continuously reinventing that which makes and keeps your clients. We are the guys who helps you maintain a leading force by helping you create a cohesive look wherever your name goes. Online and Offline, Indoor and Outdoor, we package you not for a kill, but definitely for dominance.

Social Media Marketing

A very large number of the members of the society exists who depend immensely on the social media for their daily needs. These set of individuals live their lives online even though they have access to other traditional means. The world is online. To broaden your reach and maximize opportunities, the internet world must be wholesomely engaged via different online platforms like Blogs, Emails, Bulk SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Whatever your goals are, we can help you form and maintain a strong online presence.

Advertorials & Spots Production

Whether you have it already scripted or not, we design your message with a broad insight of your intentions, and your audience. For every situation, we have a market research that shows exactly which form of media the target audience use and the most compelling style to engage and relate with them. We have extensive knowledge of the demands of the media and use formats that meets high standards. With good materials in place, we make use of modern tools and the best human resources to produce a quality piece, be it audio, visuals, prints etc.

Web & Graphics Designs

Our tech guys love to impress, so no more I.T problems. Knowing that you need to stay ahead of market competition, our ICT experts brings their wealth of experience to deliver an edge-cutting technology service for your business. With specialization in Software and Application Development, System Integration, Web Development Technologies, Cyber Security, Graphics etc., ICT solution is just another thing we are good at. We don’t just design, we present you a graphical image of your idea. If the picture doesn’t sell it first, you will have to do a lot of talking. Let’s save you that stress.

Rapporteur Services

When you need a touch of professionalism in drafting good communique of your organization’s Conferences, Workshops, Corporate Summits, Retreats etc., we are one team you can rely on to deliver without delays. Usually, too much workload may not allow your staff concentrate and render a professional communique. We can help. We will follow the event procedure closely and ensure that all vital issues are captured, well documented and produced in a standard form and style. Our team of prolific writers also cover other creative and official writings such as Press Releases, Personality Sketch or Profiling, Legal Papers etc.

Media Buying

When we know your audience, which is normally our first call, we track and dissect their geographical locations according to their media inclinations. We find out the right media channel and belt that suits your need and help you negotiate a cost-effective budget plan. So you’ve got a programme, spot or feature to place on strategic media outlets covering X, Y, Z zones, our surveys can spot the best digital channels with the best rates.

Recording & Editing

We offer state-of-the-art studios for all your creative needs –audio and video. These facilities are manned by ingenious individuals who are committed to giving you nothing less than the best, with our quality control unit constantly supervising and monitoring procedures to ensure standard output. Once it must carry our watermark, it must be good. So whether it is Music, Audio Book Production, Messages, Jingles etc., we will give you nothing but the best.

Drama & Documentary Production

From story formation, research, development and scripting to final studio cuts, we bring your stories to life. We can work with your script or we could develop something tailored to your narration. So is it Political, Historical, Biographical, Mythical, Religious and Docu-drama, whatever feature and purpose, we undertake all with exactitude that takes your eyes to the scene.

Advertising & Marketing

At MIA, we study the demographical pattern of the market you operate in and design a befitting content. We ensure we effectually communicate your brand message to the appropriate receiver either through Radio/Television, Print, Online, Outdoor and other forms of Digital Advertising and Marketing.

Live Streaming

We can take your event to people in real-time, wherever they are. We can livestream andt transmit your event to engage the online public effectively on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope (Twitter) etc., meaning they follow the event live as it happens. Political Rallies, Religious Gatherings, Social Events and Shows etc., we shall be there to stream it live.